Roof Inspection

What is a roofing inspection?

Basically, whenever you get your roof checked by an expert, it can be considered an inspection. However, not every inspection is a professional one. Let’s go over some markers that prove that a housing inspection in Chicago is professional.

  • Checking shingles and tiles.
  • Checking the state of ventilation. If a roof is well-ventilated, it can serve for as much as 20 years. However, if you neglect making sure there’s enough ventilation – the roof can lose its integrity and crack under the weight of snows.
  • Determining the lifespan of a roof. After a careful inspection, a roofing contractor should be able to determine for how long your roof can last. If an inspector, checking on the house cannot tell you what the lifespan of your roof will be, consider consulting another one.

Why is a property inspection a solid investment?

Sure, if your roof is doing fine, you can consider that calling an inspector is not money worth spending. However, here are a few things that might change your mind on the matter:

  • It’s better to play it safe. Home inspection is considered to be a rather long-term investment. After all, the saying does go “It’s better to be safe than sorry”. So, instead of waiting too long so that roof replacement is a must, it’s better to face all the little problems and prolong the lifespan of your roof.
  • You’ll know what to pay attention to. You don’t necessarily have to making roof inspection, cost of which is not all that little a regular thing. Invite an inspector at first, after you’ve bought a roof and ask him what are the basic things for you to consider while inspecting the roof by yourself. That way, you’ll be able to check on everything in the future without having to hire a building inspector.
  • Get advice and guidance. Roofing inspectors are quite often experienced contractors who’ve already worked in the field for dozens of years. That’s why you are likely to get additional advice regarding the overall durability of your home. Use it and savor.

Why is Alliance Roofing & Exteriors a fit choice for inspections?

If you are to hire a contractor to get a roofing inspection done, make sure you approach an experienced company regarding the matter. We’ve consulted dozens of clients over the matter of roofing and provided over 30 inspections all over Illinois.

Here’s why clients trust Alliance Roofing & Exteriors:

  • Skill is proven by a GAF-certificate. GAF is a major roofing organization in the US that helps roofers become better at their jobs. GAF determines the list of best companies in every state and certifies those. That’s why having a GAF-certificate is an achievement companies are proud of.
  • A considerate support service. Sometimes, it’s the lack of consult that makes homeowners choose the worse roofing option over the better one. In order to make roof maintenance easier and cheaper, we invest a lot in our support service. So, don’t worry to ask whatever question you have – we’ll answer those completely for free.
  • Strong portfolio. We have worked on roof inspection in Chicago for a relatively short period of time, yet we’ve got over 20 clients and a dozen of testimonials. You can see the best work we’ve done by checking out portfolios.
  • All the work reported. Contacting Alliance Roofing & Exteriors, you are not going to wonder what you’ve paid for. All the work we do is documented – you’ll receive a property inspection report after you’ve hired a contractor.

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