Roof Replacement

At first glance, it seems like you can install a roof all by yourself. There are dozens of guides on the web as well as Youtube videos that tell you there isn’t much work into it. They might be of help to someone with proper experience in construction.

Yet, if you don’t know much about roofing a house, a proper installation is just too important to do it with no help of a professional contractor.

Why are the stakes high?

A roof is essential to your well-being in the house. While you might not feel its impact in your daily life as much as the one of windows and doors, the lack of proper ventilation or the formation of dry rots can all be the reasons of an amateur roof installation.

Here are just a few reasons while proper roofing matters:

  • Protection from heavy rains, snow, or winds. Over the last dozen of years, we had a few quite strong hurricanes in America. Even if you think that a strong wind is something out of the ordinary, it might no longer be the case. A good roof will give you more confidence to the fact that your house will pull through the strongest winds.
  • Assurance of a fine ventilation. If you wonder why you need a good ventilation, let me set it straight. Without one, warm moist air will be trapped inside of your house causing damage to your attics. Also, it’ll be harder to breathe – you’d be even risking health problems. A good roof is a simple and long-term solution that allows you to make a house the better place for work, studying, and overall living.
  • Energy losses. We all know that energy bills are not something we enjoy paying for. It turns out, high energy bill can be outright connected to a poorly installed roof. In winter, it causes the heat loss while in summer, makes the air in the room heat up faster.
  • Mold growth. That’s one of the specific consequences of bad ventilation quality. Mold is hard to get rid of  and bacteria that forms there is quite dangerous. Perhaps, it’s better to avoid the entire mess in the first place simply by doing a roof installation that lasts?

Why are we the right contractors for you?

Okay, you might be thinking, roof installation is important but how can I know that Alliroof is the right company for the job? First of all, give yourself a round of applause for this caution (choosing a contractor for roof install low-cost thoroughly is quite important). Secondly, here’s why you can totally trust us with roof installation.

  1. Our main focus is the installation that lasts. While being a relatively new roofing company in Chicago, we value every order we got. We approach roof installation not just as a way to earn money for what we do but as a chance to showcase our skills as well. That’s why it’s important that your new roof stands strong for you to enjoy it and for the benefit of our own portfolio.
  2. We’ve proven our worth. In fact, more than once. Alliance Roofing & Exteriors is a GAF-certified company. Before you ask, GAF is the largest roof manufacturer in North America. Beyond that, GAF also certifies roofing contractors as a proof that they are skilled enough. That’s why a GAF certificate is an honor to any company as much as the proof of its exceptional skill.
  3. We offer warranties. If we didn’t do our job to the best of our ability for whatever reason, every client can contact us and get a refund. We decided to offer these warranties mainly for two reasons. The roof is such an important part of your house that you would hardly want to risk it. Also, that way we’ll be motivated to do a great job every time someone leaves an order.

What can you do right now?

Installing a roof is not a few-clicks-business. Perhaps, you don’t even have a roof yet and it feels not on time to bother with an installation. However, there are a few things that you can do right away to speed up the process of getting a high-quality roof.

  • Get a roof estimate. On our homepage, you can see a block that offers you to get a free estimate for the roofing cost. It’s proven to be extremely useful to our clients so we advise to not pass it by.
  • Contact us directly. If you have a question, don’t waste your time googling the answer. Instead, you can talk to our contractors or production director. Don’t worry to seem annoying – it’s a pleasure for us to talk to clients.
  • Take a look at the list of services we offer. Perhaps, we could help you with other construction matters.

Drop us a note at It’s especially comfortable if you want us to send over some additional information about roofing contractors in Chicago. We constantly check the corporate mailbox so don’t worry about an email getting lost.